1. The beginning

Hospital in the greenery park and perfect layout
King Chulalongkorn Memorial hospital is a model of architectural design of tropical hospital. Its layout was designed for the ventilation and  keep spaces between the building for the good ventilation by using connecting bridge. Moreover, there are green spaces for patient and visitor relaxation. We can all see the dedication of new dimension in building a hospital by concerning the usage and service receiver's mind.

Theestablishement of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital1932-1946
Important building of Faculty of Medicine in the first era

ก. Hall Kor. Red Cross Volunteerdivision                ง. Autopsy building
ข. Red Cross Museum                                          จ. Nurse school or  Faculty of Medicine building                 
ค1.Saiyod Boonak House   ฉ. Julthika Pavillion
ค2. Phrya Phaiboonsombut House   ช. Pathology building