Exhibition Hall

Memorial Hall of Faculty of Medicine Exhibition Hall

From the first day of establishment of Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University has been receiving royal grace since King Rama V

Entrance Hall 

Inspired from the entry of pathology building which is the first building of faculty of medicine. It was completed in 1950, three years after the establishment of the faculty. The motif on the door glass was inspired from old buildings in the faculty.

1. Under Royal Patronage

Portraits of the Kings whom supported faculty of medicine since the first day of establishment up until present and also display saxophone which His Highness King Bhumibol granted to Doctor music band, the most invaluable property.

2. Key Milestones

Events chronologies from the early establishment until present presented by touch-screen monitor, made it easier for visitor to explore each event.

3. Architectural Heritage

Displaying acharming atmosphere and the best design of that time which nowadays there are only some buildings left. Furthermore, the presentation of vision to develop the new era of faculty and King Chulalongkorn Memorial hospital which will be modernized, exquisite and have pleasant surroundings in the future.

4. Life in Faculty of Medicine

Presenting the story, starts from new comers become a part of the faculty or according to the Native American tradition, be part of the tribe.  During their studies, they will learn to live and doing activities together. There are different types of activities such as moral activity, social service activity, recreation and entertaining activity. All of these activities will improve students’ personalities and mind which is important for one to become a doctor.

5. The Art and Science of Medicine

Academic space simulates the class of theory practice, old lecture of faculties and anatomy class which is the very important subject for medical student. This zone is displaying the class’s atmosphere in the past.

6.The Inspirational Corner

Inspiration space for current student and visitor where they will see works from faculty’s alumni such as work in medical studies, research, academic and social & entertainment section. The space in this zone was designed as interactive space where visitors can exchange ideas after exploring the exhibition, a little break from the tour for finding the inspiration before leaving the exhibition.

7. Deans

Space in front of exhibition hall displaying photos of first to present directors of King Chulalongkorn Memorial hospital and deans of faculty of medicine, Chulalongkorn University.