About Exhibition

​In 2014 Memorial Hall was established and in the same year Faculty of Medicine of Chulalongkorn University celebrated its 67 anniversary since its foundation on 4 June 1947. At that time, Faculty of Medicine was called "Faculty of Medicine under university of medicine"  and later on changed its status to be under Chulalongkorn University on 10 October 1976. Faculty of Medicine was one of the first four faculties when Chulalongkorn University was established on 30 May 1923 and the others three were Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Political science and Faculty of Arts and Science. We can say that Faculty of Medicine is growing along with Chulalongkorn University from the beginning and without doubt, its long history can not be separated from Chulalongkorn University.

First day at school 1947
Challenges of medical school establishment and self-proving of the medical students in the early age of this newly founded institute were in standard and accepted by royal grace since King Rama 5 reign which is honorable and should be transfer to the following medical students for the appreciation of university and present students can use the good reputation of school's faculties and alumni as an inspiration and be conscious about the reputation and honor of the faculty as we had been entrusted from His Royal highness's message to the president and members of medical association of Chulalongkorn university on 4 February 1928.
“Qualification of doctor is reliability"   
1. You should rely on your competency means be confident    
2. You must trust your colleague (doctor) means united
3. You must be relied by your patient means trust from public
These three qualifications are doctor's weapon and honorable ornament”

“Named this association “doctor of Chulalongkorn University”  means that you trusted and proud of our school. You honor your teacher and your institute  without shame. You are responsible to you institute that's why you named it under the designation of Chulalongkorn because you intend to be reliable and trust in your ability that you will keep the designation clean”

In 2013, Faculty of Medical had renovated faculty's library all four floors and decided to establish Memorial hall on 4th floor in order to keep establishment history and the evolution of the faculty from past to present so that the current student, alumni and anyone  who interested in can come and use this useful information.  This project was initiated by Prof. Anun Srikiatkajorn when he was vice-dean of education and information innovation division and when the internal management organization of faculty committee body changed, the project was continued by Assoc. Prof. Ruengsak Lerdkhajornsuk.