3.The establishment of Faculty of Medicine 1947-1956

1947 the establishment of Faculty of Medicine.   In the first era, Faculty of Medicine didn't have its
own building soit had to use  these building of King Chulalongkorn Memorial hospital and Red Cross and this
had shown that the establishment had constraints but however, faculties and students could get over the
obstacles and continue developing the Faculty 'til present.

Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University's First era building 

ก.   Hall Kor. Red Cross Volunteer Division (before 1947) was male doctor residence
ข.   Old museum or Red Cross museum: First floor was gross anatomy classroom/ second floor was student
      club and was the beginning of Chulalongkorn doctor music band as the photo of first day at school was
       taken in front of this building.
ค1. Saiyood Boonak Building (1927) was professor office
ค2. Phrya Phaiboon Sombut Building (1930) was patient room
ง.    Autopsy building (1918) was a morgue and body dissection
จ.   Nurse school (Faculty of Medicine building) (1945) was attached with Medical university seal but later on
      Faculty of Medical was upgraded to be under Chulalongkorn University and  changed the seal to Phra
      Kiao and nowadays is Anada Mahidol building used as lecture room, professor office.

1947-1956 The development of Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

Since the official establishment of Faculty of  medicine, Chulalongkorn University in 1947, the hospital and the
faculty has constructed many other building and Faculty of Medicine was fully completed in this period 
-   King's concubine Erb building completed in 1949
-   Supabchandraboat building completed in 1949
-   Pathology building completed in 1950
-   Anatomy building completed 1953 (Present is Padtayapatana Building)
-   Wooden house male dormitory completed in 1954
-   Wooden house female dormitory completed in 1955
-   Female residence building completed in 1957
-   Faculty new cafeteria
-  Hospital cafeteria
-   Male and female doctor residence